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What is Double Glazing?

Twofold coating, or double glazing as we commonly refer to it these days, is the most widely recognized sort of installation technique you have presumably known about or you have at present have in this moment.

An insulated glass unit (IGU) consolidates different glass sheets into a solitary window framework. Most insulated glass units are twofold coated, which means that they are protected with two sheets of glass, and sometimes even three sheets, which is known as triple coating. In rare cases, people make use of more than three sheets because of the decrease it brings in energy expenses. The sheets of glass in insulated glass units are isolated by a spacer and a firm level of gas or air. Then, the glass is firmly slotted into window frames, which is made more extensive to properly fit in the two sheets.

double glazing introduction

Why do People Install Double Glazing Windows?

There are a number of reasons for people wanting the windows in their houses or offices to be double glazed. This is because double glazing offers us a number of benefits. 

Below is a bullet list of some of the most popular reasons why people turn to double glazing:


  • Twofold coated windows have the power to diminish your energy charges, increment your home’s estimation, ensure that your land is progressively safe and secure and lessen noise contamination, as well.
  • Want another reason to install double glazed windows on your property? Here’s a fun fact! The normal house in which a family resides can spare over £100 per year if they introduce twofold coated windows in their house’s design.
  • Insulated and protected board windows with two sheets of parallel glass offer a noteworthy favorable position with regards to the energy productivity of the window, particularly in progressively outrageous atmospheres.
  • Double coated windows are a perfect vitality productive decision with the additional advantage of limiting noise pollution.
  • The fixed air hole between the two sheets which goes about as an additional layer of protection. This additional warm opposition decreases the measure of warmth getting away in winters and ensures that the overall temperature of your house is progressively comfortable and agreeable.
  • In summer, twofold coating has the invert impact. This means that double glazing is remarkable at keeping undesirable warmth from entering the house.
  • This additional protection decreases your dependence on fake radiators and heaters and climate control systems like air conditioners and can at last diminish your vitality expenses.
  • When we say double glazing is remarkable for controlling noise commotions, we mean that you can literally soundproof your property. Let’s be real – who doesn’t want that these days?
  • In simpler terms, let’s say that if the temperature outside is 15 degrees and you have 70-square-meters aggregate of single-sheet windows, your building may suffer a loss of around 6,510 watts of vitality in literally just a single night. Establishment of twofold coated windows with high R-evaluations can split that vitality misfortune and spare enormous cash on warming. How great does that sound?
  • Double glazing also lessens the measure of buildup within your windows.
  • One of the biggest advantages of double glazed windows is that they elevate security, because as common sense suggests, twofold coated glass is much more harder to break than single coating.

If you want to make improvements to your house, get double glazed windows now!